Christmas Shoot 2015

This year’s Christmas Shoot was a well-attended affair with 17 members turning up to strut their shooting stuff to win the top gun prize. A challenging layout set by the treasurer saw some cry into their port with others glad they managed their average.

In the field we started with right-to-left and then left-to-right crossers (which usually kill what little score I have), though this time I managed better than most. However what little satisfaction anyone had from that was soon dismantled as we moved behind the hedge in the next field to attempt the same crosser as an incomer, though 75 yards out and landing 40 yards from our feet.

Safe to say this separated the men from the boys, and most were glad to hit one. Then followed five going up right-to-left over the crest of the oak tree, which similarly brewed grumbles from within the group. Not much had there either.

In the meadow things were a little better, with a pair shot from the tower, and the same pair from halfway down the right-hand side. At this point, the jeering and heckling really started, with any misses prompting loud barracking and much taunting from the treasurer who elected to trap. One member commented that this was the first club he attended that actually enjoyed people missing. Welcome to Yate and District!

A final 5 birds rounded out the day’s 50, coming off the looper and I and many others finished with all or most of these.

James took 1st prize, and we proceeded to enjoy our usual Christmas snifter and pork pies. A good finish to a morning’s shoot – although I fear the score sheet from that day will most likely be accidentally thrown into the club fire.

Merry Christmas!